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Blitz Touch Brain - 15158

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Blitz Touch B.R.A.I.N Multi-Display OBD Reader. This ultra modern product is a multi display monitor which displays information from the Engine ECU via the OBD connector.

Blitz Touch B.R.A.I.N features include

• 3.5 inch TFT/Touch panel display. Achieve better operability and visibility.

• Easy installation by connecting to OBD connector

• Newest program can be downloaded from Blitz website for future upgrades. www.Blitz.co.jp

• A variety of graphics can be displayed, such as Racing mode, 3D mode, and Eco mode

• Logging data while driving can be saved into USB memory or SD card

• Equipped with Data logger function to watch saved data on the PC. Real time logging to connect to the PC with original USB cable(Separately available) is also available

• Equipped with a Reflash function which can rewrite standard ECU data through the SD card which has a tuning program(Separately available). Simply execute the program on the Reflash mode and reprogram the standard ECU.If the standard program is backed up, it can be recovered easily. Please contact us for further information.

• By connecting original sensors to the Junction Box (separately available),external input data for real can also be displayed.

• Wide range of both Japanese and European fitments available.

Note1: works with most vehicles with OBD port and can also work on older Nissan models with the addition of an extra wiring harness.

Note 2: Depending on the vehicle, there might be information that cannot be displayed.

Note 3: Please contact us with vehicle details for further information on wether the Touch B.R.A.I.N will work with your vehicle and for information on what can be displayed.