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Blitz Boost Controller - SBC i-Color Spec S - Metal Silver - 15080

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The Blitz SBC i-Color is the latest in the range of Blitz Boost Controllers and represents a revolution in both performance and display. Featuring a 65,000 colour display, and a screen that can be flipped so that it can be mounted in different positions.

The SBC i-Color's primary purpose is electronic boost control and the Spec S version, employs a single solenoid design for for sharp boost response and can control boost pressure up to 1.3bar.

The head unit can also display a multitude of readings including boost, power and torque, speed and rpm.

With the relevant sensors fitted the unit can also display oil/water temperature, oil/fuel pressure

The SBC i-Color can also read wideband air/fuel ratio with the addition of the A/F Analyser.

Note: There are 2 plugs for optional sensors. One is strictly for Temperature and the other is for either Pressure OR A/F Analyser.
The unit is not able to display both Pressure and A/F.

All this funtionctionality means that many gauges can be combined into one unit, especially useful for those with limited dashboard space.

Optional Temperature Sensor - part no 19210

Optional Pressure Sensor - part no 19211

Optional A/F Analyser - part no 15063