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r fit

Blitz R-Fit is an invaluable fuel controller especially applicable to turbo charged cars which have already been modified with raised boost pressure. More often than not is vital that cars with such modifications also have the fuelling altered to prevent detonation and potential engine damage, and the R-Fit makes this possible without the need for a full remapping of the car’s ECU. 
The R-Fit has various different settings, which can be calibrated and used in accordance with the vehicle’s set up. Once different fuelling levels are matched to boost levels, changing between power modes is simple as the device has three programmable channels. The R-Fit will display in several styles and shows parameters such as airflow voltage, induction pressure and engine speed as well as the fuel control settings. 
Set up is straightforward with an extremely useful automatic configuration according to car make and model. Fuel control calibration allows injector pulse width duration to be increased and decreased by up to 50%, with control points at every 100rpm. Settings can also be transferred from one R-Fit to another through the infra red port located on the side of the unit.