Clutch Kit - Aygo, C1, 107

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High quality standard clutch kit

190mm diameter

Our 3 piece high quality clutch kit includes - Cover, Driveplate & Bearing.


The vehicle manufacturer has issued a technical bulletin regarding clutch noise issues and premature clutch wear.
In cases where a customer complains of:
• Slipping clutch
• Noise from clutch during stop and go conditions
• Abnormal smell from clutch.

A service directive has been issued to replace the original clutch kit with a larger diameter clutch assembly. The original 180mm clutch will now be replaced with a larger 190mm clutch (with increased clutch cover mass) to rectify premature wear & noise issues.

Due to this, Fensport will now only offer the 190mm clutch assembly option on the above applications.

Due to the increase in size of the clutch diameter, Fensport recommends that the vehicle’s flywheel is always checked when
replacing the original 180mm clutch assembly with the new 190mm clutch kit. If required we recommend that the flywheel is either professionally machined or replaced when increasing the clutch assembly size. Failure to do so may result in clutch slip / engagement issues, which will not be covered by any warranty agreement.

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  • Peugeot 107 1.0 Hatch 02/05> 09/14
  • Toyota Aygo MK11.0 KGB10 02/05> 09/14

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